According to Eastern University it is important the way our home looks both outside and inside. It is now increasingly resorting to the use of PVC panels, which are available in a variety of colors and shades, even in texture, even imitating natural materials such as stone and wood. Made from non-toxic materials, this modern cladding can be used without any restrictions. Plastic panels are durable and robust. Especially resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. The surface of the fins does not retain dust and dirt, which makes chemical cleaners unnecessary. Cleaning is easy. Wipe with a damp cloth paneling makes shine like new.

PVC veneer is done at the lowest cost of time, energy and money. In this sense, it is an excellent substitute for any tile, marble, paint and wallpaper. The rich colors and excellent technical features make PVC paneling modern and economical option for wall coverings. Besides beautiful designer addition, they are also a great tool for thermal, acoustic and waterproofing qualities making them ideal for offices, warehouses, shops, restaurants. Many schools, offices and lecture halls have placed ceilings that are made so as to conceal cables, pipes and ducts. PVC ceilings give the rooms a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Previous coverage of the wall or ceiling is irrelevant. It is not necessary, and protects furniture. PVC liners constitute panels that are easy to assemble. The panels can be placed horizontally, vertically or at any angle. Usually makes first frame of wooden slats that are fastened to the wall with dowels. Then itself PVC panel is attached to the frame or construction staples or small nails that secure the rear panel. The panels should are well connected with each other to get even more beautiful surface. Marketed various trims simplify installation and contribute to the further aesthetic design of the structure.

Not least the facts that the plastic panels withstand considerable mechanical loads and are significantly more resistant than ordinary paint or plaster, which makes them particularly suitable for external cladding of buildings. Recently increasingly popular so-called extraction. Siding – insulation using plastic plates. The vinyl siding has all the virtues of traditional insulation – reduces heating costs, balances the temperature in the house, protects against moisture and has low flammability. It is further distinguished by strength, weather resistance and last but not least – beauty and perfection. The possibilities for design of the exterior is pretty and increase the opportunity to use a variety of finishing accessories – for stitching corners, windows, sills, etc.

The repair is often also associated with many inconveniences and huge costs. Along with all the advantages, PVC paneling for interior and exterior are at relatively cheap prices, which makes them a very good choice for anyone who wants to achieve quality repair and additional comfort for your home.


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